Rab ferry and other advice about how to get to island Rab from land (ferry Stinica Misnjak) or ferry from Krk to Rab (Valbiska Lopar)




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Rab ferry information, nearest Croatian airports, and links to schedules for buses from Zagreb or Rijeka. Also information about the schedule of catamarans from Rijeka and Novalja on island Pag are included in the section about traveling to this region. You will also find some answers about car rental on the airports you may be visiting on the way to the Croatian Adriatic island. Coast of Croatia is specific in that way that there are many islands and most of them have local routes and means of transportation. One way to start is to check the main routes and ways of transport starting from major towns on the Adriatic coast likes Rijeka, Pula or Zadar. Travellers for holidays to Croatia from towns in Europe are probably wondering if travelling to islands is overly demanding compared to coast. Well there is not a big difference except for a route that must obviously bring one to the island by boat. All major islands of Croatia, Dalmatian or inside bay Kvarner, are connected to the land by ferry lines (locally "trajekt").


Rab ferry connects island Rab with Croatian land in land port "Stinica", and with island Krk in port "Valbiska" on Krk. However ferry from Krk to Rab has only four voyages per day, so you have to do your planning in advance. So for your Croatia travel advice is to go through Stinica ferry port. There is also a fast boat from Rijeka to Rab - "catamaran", very convenient for those who are not going by car or with lots of luggage. From island Rab catamaran goes to town Rijeka and to island Pag once a day. Other Croatian destinations like Zadar, Split or Dubrovnik in Dalmatia, and Pula in Istria, are reachable only by land as there is currently no boat lines that connect these regions through Rab.

Ferries operating along the Adriatic coast are on average able to carry 30 to a 100 cars and there is generally not a very long waiting time involved as in the summer their schedules are adjusted to the large number of tourists. Prices vary depending on the length of a voyage but are on average about 20 Eur for a 20 minute voyage, also depending on the number of persons. Croatian islands don't require any extensive or exotic travel arrangements. Island Rab is at driving distance to Venice in Italy for example, or Munich in Germany. So at driving distance, you'll find a destination with wonderful beaches, an old Mediterranean town of unique four towers and the stone streets typical to Croatia, displaying one more facet of Europe.

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Getting to Rab ferry port "STINICA" - at this ferry port you can board your car to Rab ferry that goes to the island (port "MISNJAK") and back on hourly basis.
If you're driving from the direction of GERMANY, ITALY or Western AUSTRIA:
Probably the shortest and fastest travel route from this direction goes through LJUBLJANA (Slovenia), after which you enter Croatia, and then continue to town RIJEKA. From Rijeka take the exit to "Island Krk" or "Split" and continue driving along the sea in direction of "Split" for 70 km until you reach the town SENJ. Continue straight along the coast through the town (don't turn left to Split/Zagreb highway), and after 38 km turn right to island Rab ferry port ("trajekt") "STINICA".
If you're driving from the direction of Eastern AUSTRIA, CZECH REPUBLIC, HUNGARY or SERBIA:
From entry into Croatia go to ZAGREB and exit in direction of ZADAR or SPLIT. At 138 km from Zagreb when in ZUTA LOKVA turn right to SENJ. After 24 km when you are in in Senj, turn left in direction of Zadar, and then after 38 km turn right to Rab ferry port "STINICA". From ferry port STINICA ferries go only to port MISNJAK on island Rab and nowhere else. Ferry to Rab is scheduled to the island about every 25 minutes during the summer season. Price for a car and persons transfer for one way is about 20-30 EUR, paid in cash. You have to buy the ticket in the ticket booth before it is time to enter the boat. Voyage to the island takes about 20 minutes. Go here for the Rab ferry timetable "Stinica-Misnjak" or on the image to the right.  



Island Rab's nearest Croatia airports start with island Krk RJK (Rijeka airport).

Krk is about 50 km away (25 km by Rab ferry Croatia, 105 km by road). Then there are Croatia airports PUY (Pula airport) - 70 km away (177 km by road). ZAD (Zadar airport) is 73 km away (141 km by road). ZAG (Zagreb airport) is 225 km by road away. There are also SPU (Split airport) 250 km by road, and DBV (Dubrovnik airport) 350 km by road away.


    Rijeka airport on Island Krk - flights to/from this airport are increasing every year.

    Some of the regular flights are from: London, Oslo, Bristol, Innsbruck, Stuttgart, Stockholm, Barcelona, Moscow, Kiev, Tel Aviv, Munich, Berlin, Bonn/Koln, Goteborg, Hannover, Kosice, Bern, Vilnius etc.
    Go here for information about Rijeka - Krk airport flights.


    • Car rentals- At airport Rijeka you can find Avis, Budget, Sixt and seven more car-hire companies who offer cars for rent. For advance reservations and info go to Rijeka-Krk car rental. Prices start from about 280 EUR per week for a car in the mid season. Fastest option is to take the car ferry directly from Krk ferry port "Valbiska" to the Rab ferry port "Lopar" on Rab (second Rab ferry port). However this line has only four voyages per day, so you have to do your planning in advance. So if you wish to avoid the pressure of time going to Rab for your travel in Croatia it is better to go with Stinica to Misnjak ferry. Go here for a Krk - Lopar Rab ferry timetable.

    • Shuttle bus Rijeka Rab is provided by Rab Tours on Rab island. Go here for reservations and prices of Rijeka-Krk airport shuttle bus to Rab.



    • Car rentals - Many car rental companies offer cars for rent on Zagreb. for reservations and prices go to Zagreb airport rent a car.
    • Bus Zagreb Rab is provided also. For schedules and prices go to www.buscroatia.com.


    Pula airport is an airport in Istra with a number of flights to Croatia.

    Some of them are Paris, Amsterdam, Charletoi, Lyon, Dubrovnik, Hahn, Limoges, Frankfurt, Rygge etc.
    For more information go to Pula airport flights schedule.


    • Car rentals - A number of car rental companies offer cars for rent on the Pula airport. Advance reservations and prices Pula rent a car.
    • Bus Pula Rab is provided also. For schedules and prices visit www.buscroatia.com.


    Zadar airport in Dalmatia near the North Dalmatian town of Zadar is steadily growing.

    Flights operate from european towns like Paris, Brussels, Frankfurt, Zagreb, Dublin, London, Manchester etc.
    For the schedule go to Zadar airport flights schedule.


    • Bus From Zadar directly to island Rab travel option by bus is unfortunately not available. If your travel in Croatia is without a car advice is to go to nearest town Senj as Senj has busses to Rab. For schedules and prices visit www.buscroatia.com.





    If you have found another way to Rijeka and plan to go to the island there is a direct catamaran (fast boat - not car ferry !) from Rijeka to the island (the main port in town Rab). Voyage takes place at 17:00h every day from the port of Rijeka "Terminal" and lasts for 1h 45min. Rijeka catamaran returns to town Rijeka every day early in the morning. Price for a one way trip is about 10 Eur per person. For catamaran Rijeka-Rab travel schedule go to catamaran Rijeka - Rab schedule.





    There is not a big choice of international connections by bus directly to Rab, except for organized bus excursions. The best option is to arrive to the nearest large transit point like town Rijeka or Zagreb. There are regular daily bus lines Rijeka-Rab and Zagreb-Rab. For bus schedules go to www.buscroatia.com.

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    • Town Rijeka (120 km)
    • Airport Rijeka, Krk (70 km)
    • Pula, Rovinj, Porec - Istra (200 km)
    • Island Krk, Pag, Cres (25 km)
    • Town Zagreb, airport (220 km)
    • Plitvice lakes nat. park (150 km)
    • Zadar, North Dalmatia (140 km)
    • Sibenik, Central Dalmatia (190 km)
    • Split, Central Dalmatia (220 km)
    • Island Hvar, Brac, Korcula (320 km)
    • Dubrovnik, South Dalmatia (450 km)
    • Venice - Italy (320 km)
    • Ljubljana - Slovenia (200 km)
    • Graz - Austria (380 km)