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Island Rab map with can help you find private accommodation for rent on the Croatian island.

SEARCH ACCOMMODATION: Click on the Rab map icon to open, then choose a house and click on “More info..” to open the house page. Zoom in or out to see the house surroundings, nearest beaches etc.
HOUSE FILTER: Above Rab map is a filter option. To get only desired apartments or rooms on the map, choose a priority on filter, like an apartment with 3 bedrooms (“Apt-3r”), with swimming pool (“pool”) etc.
KEYWORD EXAMPLES:Apt-3R“=Three-bedroom apartment”Rooms“=Private room”B&B“=Bed and breakfast”Pool“=Swimming pool”Boat“=Mooring for boat”Wi-fi“=internet, “Pets“=Pets are welcome”

On Rab map, you can find accommodation offered by “Rab Holidays”listing. Browse through various regions of the island to choose a location that most suits you. Accommodation with apartments, rooms or other accommodation are located in Supetarska Draga, Kampor, Barbat, Banjol, Lopar

With Palit they are regional centers of the island. To look for accommodation that is closer to the town of Rab, try searching for the houses in Palit and Banjol. Zoom into an area to see the exact location of a house and surroundings. Most houses for rent on Rab map are directly by the sea, or near a beach. Choose categories like “boat”, “rooms”, “b&b”, “pool”..

Houses that offer a mooring for a boat, private rooms, b&b, swimming pool, or three bedroom apartments then appear. If you’re looking for sandy beaches, try Supetarska Draga, Kampor and Lopar. Some of the most popular beaches on the Adriatic are located in Lopar and Kampor, like “Paradise beach” or beach “Mel”, which also have camping resorts. Peninsula Kalifront on island Rab doesn’t have many accommodation to rent as you my notice, as it is a protected forest zone. However, it is a most popular spot for bicycling, outdoor recreation, as well as for visiting secluded bays and beaches. Zoom out to see neighboring places like Dalmatian islands on Croatian islands map or the Adriatic coast towns Rijeka, Zadar, Sibenik, Split or other places in Croatia.

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